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Russian association of psychotherapists in the UK

Russian association of psychotherapists in the UK (London)

Welcome to the Association of Russian psychotherapists in the UK!

Our group has two main objectives:

1. We provide a unique forum for Russian-speaking psychologists and psychotherapists working in the UK; with the aim of providing professional support in a range of formats for sharing expertise and information.

The Consultations section contains details of practicing psychologists from various fields of expertise, their qualifications and experience.

2. Organize and conduct events and activities that encourage participation: seminars, trainings and lectures in Russian and English for everyone from the UK and around the world.

To find out more about the dates and times of our upcoming events please check out the details published in the Schedule section.

Training is conducted by professionals from different areas of psychology: from the traditional to the innovative. It is a chance to network with likeminded professionals in an informal environment. The groups are encouraged to join in with their opinions, views, and suggestions.

The main topics discussed at our events includes: strategies to change lives, improve relationships, healthy lifestyles, move forward in careers, and new ways to unlock potential to empower a new level of happiness in life.